AR App Studio

Build your own Augmented Reality App for IOS and Android using Catalyst's AR App Studio.


Augmented Reality allows you to apply a digital overlay to the real world using a mobile phone. The options are endless - make a character appear, bring an object to life, show people a 3D map, create a game…

How does AR App Studio Work


1. Brief us on your AR App concepts and functions (or we can come up with some)
2. Supply us with any brand assets, logos and the colours to use in the AR App

1. Design and demo different AR App options
2. Create and build the AR App
3. Deploy AR App to the App Stores (IOS and Andriod)
4. Give you links to your App to share across your digital platforms

Try the Sydney Sixers AR App here;

Google Play

Here are some examples of different Augmented Reality features and effects that can be developed

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Make Your Dream A Reality!

We love a challenge, so tell us your big ideas - Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Interactive Tech, 3D web...

We love meeting new clients and coming up with creative ways to turn your ideas into reality.