Co-founded in 2015, with studios in Australia and the UK, we focus on using the latest VR and AR innovations to bring creative ideas to life. Our in-house team act as an extension of your own, working as partners on your project or campaign.

Our specialist production studio is dedicated to virtual, augmented and mixed reality. That means we understand the specific and unique nuances that come when creating VR, AR and 360° content.

Our technical development team are experts in designing, building and running VR and AR activations and installations. Our clients come to us for a full VR or AR solution that covers content creation, installation and activation. We handle everything in-house, giving us complete control and visibility when managing your project, ensuring projects always run on time and to budget.

We recognise that the VR and AR landscape is constantly evolving and that we need to stay ahead of the curve. As a result, we invest a large part of our time back in to research and development projects. This focus has meant we can ensure our clients projects are often “first of their kind”, pushing the boundaries of VR and AR development.


The world of VR and AR moves quickly. Stay informed on what’s new across VR and AR content, technology, activations and innovations and take a read of our blog: