Holograms are not just eye candy; they’re game-changers

Imagine stepping into a stadium, surrounded by the electrifying energy of a live sports event, and suddenly, the stars of the game materialise as holograms right before your eyes.

This mesmerising experience unfolded at stadium Adidas in Sydney during the FIFA Women’s World Cup™, showcasing the remarkable talents of the Matilda’s players and the Official Match Ball OCEAUNZ.

The holograms were developed by Catalyst in close partnership with our creative friends at Not So Normal. This collaboration was instrumental in bringing this innovative vision to life, and together our efforts resulted in the creation of something extraordinary.


The Enchanting World of Holograms

Let’s dive into the magic of holograms, shall we? Picture Mary Fowler and Caitlin Foord, two football superstars, stepping out of thin air as holographic marvels. These weren’t just any holograms; they were custom-designed, three-dimensional wonders that also showcased the Official Match Ball in all its glory.

The creative behind the Mary and Caitlin holograms wasn’t just limited to their stunning visuals. It was all part of an immersive fan experience thoughtfully designed to welcome guests into different zones within stadium Adidas. These holograms were strategically placed at key locations to ensure maximum fan engagement and deliver delightful surprises along the way.

Video: Augmented Reality Hologram – Catalyst Adidas Women’s Football World Cup


A Fan Experience Like No Other

Now, why all the fuss about holograms? Well, here’s the deal: holograms transform an ordinary event into an extraordinary one. Imagine being part of an audience captivated by the presence of their favourite players in holographic form. It’s not just an experience; it’s pure magic. Spellbinding visuals and talk-worthy moments become the norm, and fans can’t get enough.

Video: Augmented Reality Hologram of Mary waving to fans at Adidas Stadium Sydney

Behind the Scenes of Hologram Production

Behind enchanting holograms lies a story of meticulous production. Our journey began with a custom shoot in Sydney, featuring Mary and Caitlin. These incredible athletes had tight schedules and limited availability due to their intense training regimes. The clock was ticking, and we had six weeks to make it happen before the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ kicked off.

Scripts and storyboards were carefully crafted, centred around the fan experience at stadium adidas and integrating the Official Match Ball. We aimed to create an immersive experience for visitors to stadium adidas, making them feel as if they were sharing the room with their sports idols.

But that’s not all; we had a secret weapon – access to the Official Match Ball, OCEANUZ. This allowed us to create an astonishingly realistic holographic 3D replica of the ball, seamlessly integrating it into the holograms.

We didn’t stop there. We added unique graphic elements, representing the Australian team’s colours and highlighting the players’ exceptional abilities. The result? Holograms that not only looked incredible but also felt authentically Matilda.

Video: Augmented Reality Hologram Production at Adidas Stadium

The Art of Installation

Brace yourselves, because this part of the journey was no walk in the park. Installing and activating the holograms required us to integrate the hologram units into the purpose-built stadium Adidas structure at its iconic location, Mrs Macquarie’s Chair in Sydney. Each of the hologram units weighed 200 kilograms and stood at over 2 meters tall. It was a delicate operation, but the visual impact of the massive 86″ screens was stunning. We’d like to think it was worth every ounce of effort, creating an unforgettable experience for the fans.

The Marvel of Stadium Adidas

Stadium Adidas was more than just a space; it was an immersive showcase of creativity and technology by Adidas, the principal partner of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™. Inspiration came from Adidas’ global brand campaign, featuring stars like Mary Fowler, Caitlin Foord, Alessia Russo, and Lena Oberdorf.

Image: Adidas Stadium at Sydney

Elevating Holographic Experiences

Holographic experiences have come a long way. Remember Tupac Shakur’s iconic holographic performance at the 2012 Coachella Music Festival? Back then, holographic images relied on angled glass and low lighting to conceal the magic. But times have changed.

Catalyst, known for pushing boundaries in digital experiences and interactive technology campaigns, harnessed the latest back-lit hologram technology for Adidas stadium, delivering an Australian first along the way. This innovation opened up exciting possibilities for crafting unique holographic experiences that would leave the audience spellbound.

Pioneering the Future of Holograms

Creating the Mary and Caitlin holograms was an exhilarating journey. It allowed us to collaborate with cutting-edge technology, alongside the exceptionally talented team at Not So Normal and a visionary client, to create an unparalleled fan experience.

Seeing and hearing the fans’ reactions at Adidas was nothing short of amazing. It ignited our passion for this technology and sparked our imagination about future possibilities. The potential for blending live-action, animated 3D, touchscreen features, and AI-driven interactions is boundless.


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