The Wiggles and Tourism Australia: A Magical AR Adventure

At Catalyst, we feel incredibly fortunate to collaborate with some of the world’s most renowned and innovative companies and brands. This Web-AR project was no exception, as we had the pleasure of partnering with Tourism Australia and everyone’s favorite multi-colored skivvied entertainers, The Wiggles!


The task at hand was to design a fun Web AR (Augmented Reality) experience for kids to enjoy as part of the latest Wiggles touring show to begin. Drawing inspiration from the Australian native animals and the beautiful art style featured in the new Wiggles-themed family web hub, “Holiday the Wiggly Way,” Catalyst set out to create an immersive and engaging adventure for young fans.

The Web-AR experience, developed for 8th Wall, featured seamlessly integrated elements of Australian wildlife and culture, allowing children to embark on a virtual journey across the iconic landscapes of Australia. From cuddly koalas to hopping kangaroos, each interaction within the AR world showcased the unique charm and beauty of the Australian outback.

As children explored the AR environment, they were greeted by beloved Wiggles characters, who guided them through various activities and challenges. Whether it was searching for hidden treasures or learning fun facts about Australian animals, the experience was designed to spark curiosity and excitement in young minds.

One of the highlights of the project was the collaboration with Tourism Australia, who provided invaluable insights and resources to ensure the authenticity of the AR experience. By leveraging the rich cultural heritage and natural wonders of Australia, Catalyst and Tourism Australia aimed to inspire a love for exploration and adventure in children around the world.

The result was a magical AR adventure that captivated young audiences and brought the spirit of Australia to life in a playful and interactive way. The collaboration between Catalyst, Tourism Australia, and The Wiggles exemplified the power of creativity and innovation in fostering meaningful connections with audiences of all ages.

In conclusion, the AR experience created by Catalyst for Tourism Australia and The Wiggles demonstrated the endless possibilities of blending technology with storytelling. By combining the magic of Web-AR with the charm of The Wiggles and the beauty of Australia, Catalyst brought smiles to the faces of children and families everywhere, inspiring a sense of wonder and appreciation for the world around them.

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