Crafting Collaborative Adventures in XR: The Story of Pirates of the Atlassian

Atlassian, a global leader in team collaboration software, sought to elevate teamwork, problem-solving, and collaboration among its employees. To achieve this goal, Atlassian engaged Catalyst, a leading XR and virtual reality (VR) development company, to create an immersive experience that would foster these essential skills.

The result was Pirates of the Atlassian, a multiplayer game designed to be played in VR using a headset or on a laptop or PC. Catalyst collaborated closely with Atlassian to develop an immersive experience that aligned with brand Atlassian’s values and helped deliver their corporate objectives – to improve communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

Catalyst’s role in the project extended beyond XR strategy and conceptualization; they developed all the 2D and 3D assets for the game, designing the game logic and controls, through the final build and deployment of Pirate of the Atlassian. This comprehensive approach allowed Catalyst to create a captivating and engaging experience that resonated with Atlassian’s employees worldwide.

So, how is the game played? Teams of four are randomly created, connecting colleagues from different corners of the globe. These teams must work together to solve various challenges inside the virtual world of the Atlassian pirate ship. The game encourages communication, collaboration, and critical thinking, all essential skills for success in today’s workplace.

Pirates of the Atlassian was a huge success, with hundreds of employees participating from all over the world. The game’s vibrant universe, brought to life by Catalyst’s talented art team, featured intricately detailed treasures, quirky parrot navigators, and thrilling challenges such as repelling invaders and battling the legendary Kraken.

Pirates of the Atlassian was more than just an adventure; it also fostered healthy competition among teams. A real-time leaderboard added an extra layer of excitement, motivating employees to work together and strive for the top spot.

One of the key requirements was its accessibility. Catalyst developed the game to cater to Atlassian’s global team, ensuring smooth gameplay across various platforms. Whether using Quest VR headsets or standard PCs/laptops, employees could seamlessly immerse themselves in the pirate-themed world of collaboration and teamwork.

Pirates of the Atlassian stands as a shining example of how immersive experiences can transform workplace culture and enhance collaboration. Thanks to Catalyst’s innovative approach and Atlassian’s vision, employees around the world were able to embark on an exciting journey of teamwork, problem-solving, and adventure.


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