Virtual Reality Headsets, Hardware and Software


VR has become one of the most powerful and effective technologies for events and activations to create unique, memorable experiences. Each event, activation or campaign is different requiring different VR hardware and software.  Catalyst have developed a range of VR solutions depending on the size, duration and location of the event.

VR Solutions for every Event or Activation

Catalyst Lite VR

Lightweight, Small Activations

  • Wireless VR headsets for small events and activations
  • Includes Catalyst’s VR Player Application giving the client a custom, branded VR environment and ensures first time VR users have a great experience with autoplay and reset (no complicated Operating System to navigate..)

Best for:

  • Short Activations (Less than 2hrs)
  • Events where staff want to roam with a portable VR solution
  • Can run as many headsets as required
  • Example: Roaming event staff engage participants with a VR experience at a music festival

Catalyst Sync VR

Multi-user Synchronised Viewing

  • Synchronised experience where participants view the same VR content at the same time
  • Custom, branded VR view environment

Best for:

  • Multiple users
  • Short Activations (Less than 2hrs)
  • Can run as many VR headsets as required
  • Example: Four participants sit inside car and go on shared VR experience

Catalyst High-End VR

High End, Large Activations

  • Powerful VR headsets for major activations
  • Use advanced VR applications developed by Catalyst for specific campaigns or use Catalyst’s VR Player with a custom, branded VR environment to ensure first time VR users have a great experience. (Autoplay, reset and no complicated Operating System to navigate.)

Best for:

  • Long Activations (+2hrs)
  • Mirror VR view onto large screens
  • Run as many headsets as required (with Sync)/li>
  • Example: VR experience at event which runs 10 hours a day for three days

Catalyst Custom VR

VR Activations and Campaigns with Custom Development

  • Custom developments and advanced VR features including:
    • Custom VR Games
    • Motion Platforms
    • 3D models
    • Interactive elements (selection)
    • 6 Degrees of Freedom
    • Mixed Reality
    • Custom physical User Interface

Create your own Virtual Reality Experience using our VR Library and Headsets

Take your guests on an amazing VR Experience across outer space or test their nerves in a shark dive. Using VR participants can be surrounded by the wonders of nature, taken around the world or immersed in experiences like skydiving, motorbike riding or hot air ballooning.

Depending on the size and duration of your event choose from Catalyst’s range of VR Headset options to create a memorable, interactive experience.

How to create your own VR Experience at your Event:
1. Choose the content from our library of VR Experiences
2. Decide the number and type of VR Headsets
3. Email us at with event details: Date, Location, Start/ End Time

If you've got any questions please give us a call on  +61 2 9665 0039

VR Experiences starting from $4,250

Create your own VR Experience: Choose from our range of Virtual Reality Content for your event.

VR Headset, Hardware and Software

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