Award Winning Augmented Reality Development, Animation & Activation   

Augmented Reality is a technology that allows you to apply a digital overlay to real-life objects. You can superimpose computer-generated images on top of any printed material, bring up animations, graphics or videos. Reveal 3D floor plans or models, show landmarks or geographic tags, build an interactive AR game.  Create masks, filters and effects for Social Media to bring your marketing campaigns to life.

Catalyst's Augmented Reality team work with you conceive, design and build your AR campaign. Releases and announcements by Facebook, Google and Apple have opened up huge opportunities for brands to engage consumers, deliver experiences and add value to users like never before. The possibilities with Augmented Reality are just about limitless...

Use Catalyst's AR development platforms to create customised AR Masks, Games and Apps

Catalyst are at the forefront of immersive technology development and have launched three platforms specifically to create custom Augmented Reality Face Masks, Games and AR Apps;

Develop your Augmented Reality Masks, Games or Apps with Catalyst 

Over 1,000,000 users of Augmented Reality effects and lenses developed by Catalyst

Catalyst have been fortunate to work with brave clients looking to explore the possibilities of AR and engage their fans, consumers and followers in unique, memorable ways.  Augmented Reality lenses, effects and games developed by the Catalyst team have now been used by over one million people. The exciting thing is in each instance the user is playing or interacting with a 3D animation, object or content - this isn't passive viewing like other media. AR is interactive and immersive, it is a meaningful, engaging experience. 

VIDEO: Catalyst's AR development for clients including the NRL, Transport Accident Council (TAC), Sydney Sixers, AFL, KAYO (Foxtel) 

Case Study: Rosie's Rainbow Treasure Hunt AR Experience 

Find out how Augmented Reality is transforming retail marketing with customised, interactive AR treasure hunts.  Rosie’s Treasure Hunt, developed by the AR team at Catalyst, was so successful it won the Innovation Award from the Shopping Centre Council of Australia in 2019.


Award Winning Augmented Reality 

The Catalyst team are thrilled to have been acknowledged with Industry Awards for Innovation for our Augmented Reality Development as well as to receive end user feedback with 5 Star reviews on the IOS App Store and Google Play for our AR animations, characters and effects. Seeing our AR work help clients achieve their objective and to see the response from users of our augmented reality is a huge reward!


Industry Partner

Catalyst were one of the first AR Studios in Australia to be added as a Snapchat Creative Partner and we still work closely with the team at Snap to help push development of AR and new concepts for clients.  We've also worked closely with Facebook on Spark-AR projects and developments on Facebook and Instagram.


Augmented Lenses and Effects developed by Catalyst VR

Face effects, lenses and animations are one of the most popular types of AR. Made famous by Snapchat they are now a huge feature on all Social Media Platforms appealing to a wide range of users due to their ease of use.  Behind all the fun and simplicity is powerful technology that allows the animations and effects to be mapped and displayed on the users face. 

VIDEO: Catalyst is a leading developer of AR Face effects as one of the first Creative Partners with Snapchat and user of Spark-AR with Facebook. 

Our Augmented Reality Work

We've been fortunate to work with innovative brands and creative agencies to develop augmented reality platforms. Here's a selection of the projects we've worked on.