Virtual Reality Production, Animation & Development

We specialise in Virtual Reality, creating enticing and immersive experiences for our clients and interactive experiences for thousands of participants.

Our team use the latest VR technology to produce jaw dropping visuals and virtual interactions.  We create custom built experiences, develop VR applications and produce content bringing impossible worlds to life.

Catalyst has been fortunate to work with innovative partners and clients across a range of industries, events and government to develop immersive VR content and experiences.


Virtual Reality Experiences

Immerse someone into a new world, take them somewhere unique or give them an experience they couldn't imagine having in the real world - that is the power of Virtual Reality.  The team at Catalyst filmed, produced and programmed what some consider to be the largest and most advanced VR simulator in Australia for the launch of the KIA Stinger, it deputed at the Australian Open Tennis with over 10,000 people participating.  We've also built VR Experiences for travel, tourism, sports, safety and entertainment.

KIA Stinger Car Launch at the Australian Open


American Express 'Enjoy the Ride' Virtual Reality Experience

Amazing way to see such a remote part of Australia

Welcome to Medibank Place in Virtual Reality

A powerful and meaningful way to share what it is like to work at Medibank Place

Virtual Reality Games

With a team of leading games engineers working along side our VR art and animation specialists, Catalyst are at the forefront of VR Games Development.  From user experience design to game prototyping, character and environments design to major live activations and installations.  We love the challenge of immersing people into a virtual game world, we've worked on projects which have included flying a parachute through space and landing it on top of a building to the ICC Cricket World Cup VR Game which was played by hundreds of cricket fans from 4 to 84 year of age!

Skyscraper Movie Launch Virtual Reality Experience and Media Amplification

Mind blowing!!! - it was so scary!

VR Tours and Visualisation

Advanced CGI, VR animation and custom VR filming allows Catalyst to create inspiring Virtual Reality tours and visualisations transporting users to unique locations. We work with clients in tourism, property, architecture and government to create powerful experiences which leverage the power of Virtual Reality.     

VR CGI Renders for Architecture and Property

Photo realistic VR

NSW Government 5 Million Trees

Catalyst reimagined the possibilities for content creation within the Department of Planning

Immersive Education and VR Training

The 'Super Powers' of Virtual Reality for Training and Development include the ability to fully immerse the participant into a subject, working in a three dimensional space to understand complex information, interacting with objects using humanistic controls and of course stunning hyper-realism through CGI.  Catalyst are a leaders in VR development for Corporate L&D and the Education sector launching a dedicated business VRtuosa in 2018 to specialise in the development of VR content and technology for L&D, Training and Education.       

State Emergency Service Virtual Reality Training

I'm scared of heights so would never consider doing that in real life.

VRtuosa, Catalysts sister organisation for VR L&D and Education 

Find out more about VRtuosa

Immersive Advertising

Virtual Reality and 360 Video represent exciting new ways for brands to engage their audience with interactive content.  Catalyst works with leading Advertising and Marketing Agencies to create and build unique advertising formats and content.  Brands can engage their audience in VR headsets, across the web, mobile and social channels using 3D-360 assets.  These innovative new formats allow the user to take control of the content, look at it in any angle with stunning visual effect.  Catalyst worked with McCann Worldwide to create 360 video adverts for Sprite which were the first time Coca Cola South Pacific had created adverts like this, since then Catalyst has worked with News Corp creating unique VR content for Samsung and launched Helios-XR specifically for 360-3D Image production and distribution.

Coca-Cola South Pacific's first immersive advertising campaign #Need A Sprite

Won't lie. I was impressed.

Samsung 360 Video feature across News Corp Digital Channels

The Ultimate Dad Pad