Catalyst release Quest-AR to Drive Retail Growth

The latest augmented reality technology developed by AR app development company, Catalyst VR, allows clients to create their own version of Pokémon Go as part of their local area marketing efforts in retail spaces.

Highly customised and built specifically with the consumer experience in mind, Quest-AR is developed to help shopping and retail spaces achieve growth. By tapping into the hyper-popular digital market, retailers can drive acquisition, activation and loyalty.

“Interactive gaming has become increasingly popular in retail marketing,” says Catalyst Director, Jamie Gilroy. “Shopping precincts can now deliver an experience that engages families and encourage them to spend more time exploring the centre. It’s a new and innovative way to attract crowds to shopping centres.”

Digital experiences that are embedded in virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) are more likely to lead to increased customer visits and create buzz through social media sharing. Engineered to incentivise players to ‘collect’ objects and rewards, the AR Treasure Hunt app allows users to explore the shopping centre in a way that’s fun and engaging.

The Quest-AR framework includes a range of features for the client to customise, consisting of retail offers and prizes, data capture to build marketing lists and the ability to amplify pictures and video via social media. The app has also been designed for compatibility with both iOS and Android, giving users the choice to download for free from Apple or Google.

A real-life case study that demonstrates the impressive capability of Quest-AR is Rosie’s Rainbow Treasure Hunt, which was developed for a shopping centre in Cockburn Perth, Western Australia. Rosie’s Treasure Hunt was recognised by the Shopping Centre Council of Australia in 2019 and received an innovative marketing award among 200 nominations.

Customised treasure hunts deliver year-round marketing opportunities

To encourage more spending and drive traffic, AR Treasure Hunt games can be developed for all occasions. Year-round, spring-summer-autumn-winter, school holidays, Christmas, Easter and even international holidays can be turned into an interactive experience at the local shopping centre.

Jamie explains, “Customised themes and characters are central to our development. We can create everything from dinosaurs to Santa, African Savannah, Easter themes and winter wonderland polar bears to give the shopper a rich and personalised experience, all in real-time.”

Apps like Pokémon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite are soaring in popularity, not to mention unprecedented revenue for the gaming industry. Younger tech-savvy audiences are expecting a blend of exploration, digital and social within gaming, making VR and AR highly lucrative. Furthermore, geolocation technology and AR has resulted in millions of users getting off the couch, out of the house and moving around in the neighbourhood. The result is real-world human interaction among player groups and communities, rushing in a new era of interactive gaming.

Jamie states, “The human element in gaming is just as important as the digital component. Being able to mix to two can bring a truly unique experience that retailers and brands can leverage for better consumer engagement.”

Pushing boundaries and bringing ideas to life

Catalyst have built bespoke AR and VR experiences for high-profile brands including American Express, TAB, Cricket Australia, NRL, KIA Motors and AFL. While the VR and AR landscape are rapidly evolving, Catalyst stay ahead of the curve by investing heavily into research and development. Client projects are often the ‘first of their kind’, paving the way for a product that is truly unique and set apart from competitors.

Jamie states, “The human element in gaming is just as important as the digital component. Being able to mix to two can bring a truly unique experience that retailers and brands can leverage for better consumer engagement.”

“Our goal is to be at the forefront of an immersive experience through AR development,” Jamie states. “We can manage the entire project end-to-end from concept and themes to prototyping, artwork design and delivery. We handle everything in-house, giving us complete control and visibility when managing your project, ensuring projects always run on time and to budget.”

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