In this week's blog post we're taking a look at some of the biggest updates from the world of AR and VR.

AR mirrors take branded content engagement to the next level

Augmented reality has come leaps and bounds in the last six months with Apple and Google both opening their developer tools to the wider development community.  An innovative use of this technology has seen advances in real-time 3-dimensional Augmented reality installations or ‘mirrors.’  Two companies that have jumped on this technology are the make-up giant Mac and make-up retailer Sephora. Sephora have installed a 3D AR mirror into their flagship Milan store which customers use to virtually apply different makeup styles in real-time while MAC have set up a similar mirror to allow customers to try out their different products virtually.

Interactive Virtual Reality

Infinadeck releases video of it’s interactive treadmill 

Technology allowing users to walk around in virtual environments is developing quickly, opening up new ways to interact with VR content.  This technology was also featured in the current Hollywood blockbuster ‘Ready Player One.’  It is always exciting when technology begins to catch up to previously imagined science fiction.

Augmented Reality

Magic Leap release their software development kit (SDK) opening up even more creative augmented applications 

The Google-backed augmented reality company Magic Leap, is giving outside developers the chance to use a range of AR tools ahead of the launch of their Magic Leap One AR glasses.

Augmented Reality

NBA to launch AR "Super fan Experiences"

Magic Leap’s SDK release follows the announcement of their partnership with the NBA to bring AR content to basketball fans in what they call ‘super fan experiences’. Experiences will include being able to meet life size players in AR or view 3D animations of games.  Fans will be also able to summon virtual ‘screens’ to show stats, replays and commentary, all while watching the game.

Or to view Shaquille O'Neal wearing Magic Leap's new AR glasses

Virtual Reality

VR Headsets keep improving resolution quality

A Group of former Nokia employees at Finnish VR headset developer Varjo claim to be getting close to replicating the image quality of the human eye in VR. Their headset displays images in a higher resolution where you are looking which reduces the computer power required to display such high resolution images.

HTC’s eagerly awaited Vive Pro headset is available to the public on April 5th.  The Vive Pro features an incredible 2880 x 1600 resolution in its redesigned OLED lenses. The new  HTC Vive Pro also features high quality built in speakers for more immersive audio.

Augmented Reality

Photogrammetry...on an iPhone?

Real time photogrammetry is coming to your phone.  Photogrammetry is the process of creating accurate virtual models of the real environment with cameras.  While this technology is still in its infancy the potential for real world application is enormous.

Previously this kind of real world mapping has only been possible with very expensive laser cameras and then rendered by powerful PC’s.  The fact that this is being processed in real time on a consumer available smartphone shows how quickly technology is currently advancing.  Check out this great video from Tim Field showing a photogrammetry AR kit app running on an iPhone 8.

Augmented Reality

And finally...The Augmented Reality Girlfriend Experience

An innovative Japanese company are releasing their Virtual Girlfriend experience into the Augmented reality world.  Previously this experience had been available only in virtual reality headsets but now you can take your virtual girlfriend/boyfriend on dates in the real world.  Yet another example of the science fiction world merging with reality - Blade Runner 2049 anyone?