Pushing the boundaries of XR Technology

About Us

At Catalyst, we don't just create immersive experiences, we push the boundaries of XR technology to transform industries and redefine what's possible.

As a leading XR production studio based in Sydney, Australia, we've been crafting the future of immersive technology since 2015.

Our passion lies in crafting VR, AR and MR experiences that captivate audiences and deliver real-world results.  We've delivered over 300 innovative XR projects across 8 countries, from Australian Open Tennis to participants at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, and working with clients like Disney and the Australian Government.   
Catalyst has become the trusted partner to develop custom XR applications and experiences for clients across sports and entertainment, government, enterprise and industrial businesses, advertising agencies, and startups. 

Our Vision
& Mission

Our Vision

We believe immersive XR experiences will continue to grow, transforming how people work, connect, learn and have fun.

Our Mission
To be a leading XR Studio, crafting innovative and immersive XR experiences that push boundaries and empower our clients to achieve groundbreaking results, transforming industries and igniting imaginations.
First Principles

Our foundation is built on core values that guide our strategy, decision-making and day-to-day operations

Pushing Boundaries:  We thrive on challenging projects that transform imagination into immersive reality.

Working Hard:  For our Clients and each other. Going all-in to make it happen.

Best People:  Our team of XR specialists are empowered to focus on what they do best, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

Great to Work With:  We prioritise collaboration and communication, fostering long-term relationships.

Embracing Challenge:  We see challenges as opportunities to think outside the box, and our track record demonstrates that the right mindset can delivery amazing results.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Catalyst, we're passionate about creating immersive experiences, but we're equally passionate about creating a positive impact on the world. We believe in a triple bottom line approach, focusing on People, Planet, and Profit.

People: We foster a diverse and inclusive workplace that offers fair wages, flexible working conditions, and opportunities for personal development. We actively support small businesses and freelancers in the technology and creative industries, contributing to a thriving local ecosystem. For example, in 2023, we partnered with a local coding bootcamp to offer scholarships to underrepresented minorities.

Planet: We strive to minimize our environmental footprint by implementing sustainable practices like energy-efficient hardware and a strong focus on reusing, recycling, and repurposing materials.

Profit: We believe in creating sustainable, meaningful employment opportunities for our staff, freelancers, and contractors. We are committed to paying our fair share of corporate taxes and actively support other local businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs. This support goes beyond financial transactions; we offer recommendations, introductions, and social engagement, and provide services on a contra or discounted basis whenever possible.

Created by Catalyst

Catalyst VR was established in Sydney, Australia, and quickly expanded, opening a UK office as overseas projects and clients increased.

In 2023, to better serve UK-based clients, Created By Catalyst was set up as an independent agency. If you're based in the UK, please visit createdbycatalyst.com or contact hello@createdbycatalyst.com.

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